HTDC - High Tech Die Casting

International Conference

22 June 2021 - 25 June 2021
Italy, Virtual Event - Zoom Platform
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To support competitiveness in the field of die casting manufacturing, HTDC conference will cover the following key features:

  • innovations, from alloys to processes, from design to applications, available to foundries, suppliers, and end users;
  • multidisciplinary integration of concepts, methods and processes;
  • implementation of new and modern solutions of quality, efficiency, high performance, in the industrial context.

HTDC will be a comprehensive conference on scientific, technical and management innovations focused on die casting topics, with papers and contributions from a highly qualified group of experts with both academic and industrial backgrounds.

Ecotre Valente, ESI Casting Solution distributor in Italy with many years of competence in the Casting field, will be featured at HTDC 2021 with three talks:

23/06/2021 – 16.20 Save the weight with 2MM LPDC parts using casting simulation
Relatore: C. Viscardi – Ecotre Valente, Brescia, Italy

25/06/2021 – 8.40 Integration of casting simulation with virtual dimensional control. Predictive and reliable stress simulation in HPDC
Relatore: L. Valente – Ecotre Valente, Brescia, Ital

25/06/2021 – 9.20 Validation of a model for simulating T6 heat treatment of Al-Si-Mg casting alloys
Co-Relatore: C. Viscardi, Technical Manager Ecotre


Lorenzo Valente


Cristian Viscardi

Technical Director, ECOTRE VALENTE SRL

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