Full Frequency Vibro Acoustic Solution for the Marine Industry

22 October 2021
02:00PM (IST)

The Marine industry is in constant evolution with improved construction methods and new materials, both presenting many challenges to engineers and designers for commercial and naval segments.

As in many industries, simulation has become an important tool to support the design of ships and vibro-acoustics remains one of the most important challenges faced by designers and engineers. On one side, customers and legal requirements are drivers for ever more stringent noise requirements. On the other side, noise prediction models must be available at the very early stages, even in the bidding process, for initial cost estimates of sound insulation and later, during the design phases, to accurately predict the interior noise levels.

Key Topics:

  • Address entire audible frequency range using combinations of FE, BEM & SEA techniques for Acoustic Performance
  • Perform noise path analysis at both component & system level
  • Meet Noise level Targets  with optimized noise control treatments and related weight

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    Massimiliano Calloni

    VA Product Marketing Manager


    Sandeep Kashyap

    Application Engineer: ESI VA One