1 June 2021
10:00 am CET
90 min

Fatigue Simulation of Welded Structures


  • Basic explanation of fatigue prediction of welded structures
  • Explanation of new solution method
  • Material and technical experiments for basic weld joints from material S355J2, S460NL, S460MC, S700MC and S690QL
  • Calibration and validation of numerical solution methodology
  • Industrial examples

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Marek Slováček

Business Development - Virtual Manufacturing Solution

Marek Slováček, Ph.D, is a technical specialist in the fields of materials, welding, heat treatment  and additive manufacturing technologies and assessment of limit states of the structure (fatigue, fracture mechanics, brittle fracture, creep etc.). With over 25 years’ experience and working as Business Development Manager for Virtual Manufacturing Solution at ESI Group, he is responsible for the management of large projects, mainly in R&D and innovation and a consultant for design and technology, materials and mechanical engineering. In parallel to his position at ESI, he is teaching at the University of Defense in Brno, Czech Republic. Marek holds a doctoral degree in Philosophy (Ph.D.), Mechanical and Technology and is author of several publications.