Electrification of Heavy Machinery: Challenges & Solutions

24 June 2021

Sustainable electrification for industrial and off-highway machines

Sustainability is a common motivation of electrification in industrial and off-highway machines. Electrification impact on sustainability can be viewed from several perspectives; reduce emissions and carbon footprint, lower cost of ownership, systems simplification or optimization, reduction/reconfiguration of physical footprint, or merely engineering a MORE DESIREABLE PRODUCT, to list a few.

However, converting traditionally combustion powered industrial machines and vehicles is not a matter of simply removing the combustion engine to be replaced with batteries and electric motors. Engineering these novel products for delivering customer required outcomes requires holistic evaluation of potential machine performance and efficiency, as well as anticipation of product integration, assembly, and service requirements.  

In this webinar we address engineering challenges and questions that arise in the system specification and modelling of electric commercial vehicles and industrial machines. Ranging from systems modelling of the electric/mechanical systems that power the machines to the human-centric validation of the assembly process requirements and service maintenance procedures for these yet to be realized or replicated product variants 

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    Key Topics and Who should attend

    Key Topics:

    • System Design & Dimensioning  
    • System Fault Modelling & Prediction 
    • Energy Management & “range anxiety” 
    • Systems Integration
    • Space claim, packaging, cabling and wiring 
    • Human Centric Assembly & Service Process Validation 

    Who should attend:​

    • Program managers of product electrification​
    • Digital transformation leaders​
    • Electrical/Mechanical integration engineering teams​
    • Assembly process owners​
    • Maintenance and service methods planners


    Alex Magdanz

    Domain Leader Systems Engineering

    Eric Kam

    Marketing Solutions Manager, ESI Group


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