Digitally Linking Each Aspects of the Design Process with MBSE

3 March 2021
03:00PM (IST)


Learn how to connect the data/artefacts from each phase of the product lifecycle with a digital thread to enable automated workflows like predictive maintenance and virtual test with MBSE for workflow integration. Experience a virtual verification demonstration using the MBSE methodology based on a shuttle nose landing gear.

     Key Benefits:

  1. Address contemporary design challenges such as breaking silos, increasing complexity, compliance, collaborative design, etc.
  2. Moving from document-based development to digital for the purpose of automation and eventually semi-autonomous design.
  3. Automate Testing: see the effect of recent design changes using virtual test cycles linked to requirements
  4. Safety and Convenience: automation reduce the entry points for errors and reduce the manual workload
  5. Preserve Knowledge: structure knowledge about the design and design process to ensure against employee turnover

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Chaitanya Kancharla

Presales Lead for SimulationX