Cost Effective CFD – The New Normal

17 February 2021
United States
2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
1 hour
Kelli Baird
kelli.baird [at]


HOW do today’s best-in-class companies adapt Open-Source CAE/CFD on top of their existing platforms to address the ever-rising demand of software licenses, high performance computing and tailored applications? By integrating Open Source CAE tools.

WHAT makes this New Normal so comfortable and reliable while it has such a compelling impact on your investment pattern?

This webinar answers some of the crucial questions and myths about the Open Source CFD.


  • Overview of OpenFOAM®
  • Motivation behind putting OpenFOAM® under Visual-Environment
  • Front End for OpenFOAM® : General Purpose CFD Offering
  • Differentiators
  • Q&A



Featured Speaker

Raj Kumar Barnawal

Product Manager, Visual CFD