Applying computational fluid dynamics to mitigate risk in enclosed environments and buildings

6 October 2021
11:00AM (IST)

Ventilation involves introducing clean air into space while removing stale air, in order to maintain or improve air quality. Ventilation can be achieved naturally (e.g. by opening a window) or by installing a mechanical system such as air-conditioning, air filtration units. CAE simulation can also be helpful to analyze an aerosol-related infection risk in enclosed environments and buildings. Simulation can give valuable insights for fresh air ventilation in different settings like hospitals, dentistry, offices, community centers, canteens, restrooms, public and private transportation, factories, and production lines, etc.

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During this webinar, you will be knowing more about ESI’s engagement on the front line and to build solutions that can help to understand where we are exposed to a high risk of aerosol-based infection. This knowledge supports decision-makers in their efforts to minimize infection risks wherever possible and to ensure safe environments.  

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Raj Kumar Barnawal

Visual-CFD Product Manager