Weld Process Planning for Heavy Industry: A digital transformation with ESI SYSWELD

29 July 2020
11:30 am (IST)
Prafull G Wani
pgw [at] esi-group.com (pgw[at]esi-group[dot]com)

SYSWELD offers a predictive solution for welding, assembly and heat treatment. It can simulate all multi-physics involved in welding-assembly and heat treatment processes.

Welding and heat treatment involves complex interactions between thermal, metallurgical and mechanical phenomena. These lead to residual stress and distortion, which play a major role during subsequent service of structures.

SYSWELD propels user to perform a computer aided assessment of the material characteristics, residual stresses and distortion which can significantly enhance the performance, the quality and service life of the structure.

Moreover, the numerical design of the welding fabrication significantly reduces the proto cost and development time of the welded assembly.


Aseem Anshul

Solution Manager: Welding, Assembly and Heat Treatment