The 16th National Annual Online Conference on High Performance Computing

30 September 2020
China, Online/Tencent Meeting
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About HPC China Online Conference

With the theme of "New Supercomputing, new infrastructure and New economy", HPC China 2020 focuses on highlighting the three functional positioning of "Academic forum", "technology application release" and "exhibition display". There are more than 40 online forums and event exhibitions in four sections, namely "Science and Technology", "Industry and economy", "Academic and Application" and "Competition and Exhibition". It covers dozens of hot fields such as artificial intelligence, aerospace, environmental engineering, weapon simulation, gene sequencing, precision medicine, Internet of things, Marine meteorology, electronics, electromagnetism, petroleum geological exploration, etc. In addition, the conference will continue to release a batch of academic reports and annual scientific and technological achievements leading in the field.

HPC CHINA 2020 has 24 main forums, Around the domestic E computing applications, force and artificial intelligence is super power "Covid - 19" control, big data system evaluation and optimization research, domestic software applications, HPC open source software stack, Marine numerical prediction and high performance computing, study high performance computing and application, the interconnection network, HPC performance modeling, the high performance computing and quantum computation at the forefront of education, AI technology, large-scale scientific computing visualization analysis, life sciences, engineering, simulation, numerical simulation of engineering application, SaaS application software, the platform of communication and computing environment operations and optimization ,CFD massively Parallel Technology and its engineering application, heterogeneous intelligent computing, high-performance sparse matrix computing, high energy efficiency computing and other hot topics to give a keynote speech, share the latest trend of the industry, and gather the strong voice of supercomputing wisdom.

At the same time, in two days' online forum, HPC CHINA also invited to dell, Intel, dawn, Huawei, lenovo, Img, AMD, Ali Cloud, Huawei Cloud, parallel science and technology, national supercomputing center in Guangzhou, national supercomputing center of Wuxi, Beijing super cloud computing center and so on dozens of enterprises on behalf of the head, surrounding cloud computing and infrastructure, AR/VR technology, mobile Internet applications, information security, big data, digital Marine meteorology and ACE simulation technology frontier areas such as BBS speech, transfer industry new ideas under the new situation.

ESI was invited by the organizer. Mr. Christopher, COO of ESI Group Asia is invited to deliver a speech at the Sub-forum of New Engineering Simulation Software High Performance Computing Development Forum. Promote ESI Group's cloud-based virtual manufacturing solutions to support smes' digital transformation.




14:00-14:30  development and application of matrix discrete element method and matdem software, Chun Liu

14:30-15:00  the new trend of CFD -- the integration of LBM and GPU, Yu Yang

15:00-15:30  Shunyun particle method fluid multi physical field numerical simulation software,Xi Wang

15:30-16:00  high performance calculation application of multiphase flow simulation software Transat -- lateral jet atomization simulation of aeroengine, long Zhang

16:00-16:30  based on the LBM method of unsteady compressibility simulation engineering practice, Liuping YU

16:30-17:00  die casting CAE cloud computing platform based on HPC, Zike Zhang

17:00-17:30  PLM to PPL, Simulation and the Outcome Economy, Christopher St.John 


There will be a question and answer session for each lecture in this activity. Looking forward to your participation, welcome to ask questions!

How to participate?

Please contact ESI China Marketing Specialist Yichen.Chi.

ycc [at]

+ 86 18500685938