Live Event - Safety and Experience in the Age of Future Mobility

23 September 2020
2pm-3:30pm CET

Automated driving is seen as one of the major technological advancements paving new mobility business models.

One of the key challenges is the certification of such smart vehicles and safety by reducing the number of accidents caused by human errors. Safety improvement requires a robust Verification & Validation process which relies on different technologies.

Therefore, simulation becomes one of the most efficient ways to test, validate the safety of vehicle systems and certify the vehicle without delay.

Another driving force for autonomous technology development is comfort by enabling more freedom and fun for drivers and passengers.

ESI and Visual Arena welcome you to an interactive event where we discuss the challenges and benefits of using such technologies.

Missed the event?  Watch the on-demand recording to see how autonomous vehicles can best reach a 360° view and the strategies that OEMs have found to ensure they make the right decision at the right time.

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What You Will Takeaway

  • Make critical design decisions about sensors choice, positioning, configuration early in the system development cycle
  • Reach “Agile” development and continuous Verification & Validation
  • Have a global view of the cabin from Human Comfort, Seat design to Safety
  • Reduce development costs by limiting usage of prototypes and test campaigns
  • We'll explore object detection, tracking, path planning, driving task as well as revolutionary cabin layouts




  • Introduction – Virtually certify autonomous cars and pave the way for a new ride experience, Serge Laverdure
  • Synthetic data utilization for ADAS sensing functions performance evaluation, APTIV, Farid Kondori
  • Framework for Virtual and Physical Testing of Automated Driving Systems, TÜVSÜD, Jiri Svoboda
  • Panel discussion
    • Camilla Vitelli, Vice President of FVV, Group Trucks Technology, Volvo Group 
    • Mats Björnerbäck, Engineering Group Manager, Aptiv
    • Monica Ringvik CTO, AstaZero
    • Guillaume Peronnet, New Mobility Expert
    • Serge Laverdure, Head of Connected and Automated Vehicle Unit, ESI
  • Q&A

Moderator of the day is Jonas Fredriksson, MD ESI Northern Europe

Presented by

Jonas Fredriksson

Managing Director, ESI Northern Europe


Guillaume Péronnet

New Mobility Expert – Strategy and Performance Advisor, ESI Group


Camilla Vitelli

Head of VCE and VAS PLM, Volvo Group


Dr. Jiri Svoboda

Coordinator of Virtual testing and simulations for automated driving systems, TÜV SÜD


Monica Ringvik

CTO of AstaZero


Farid Kondori

Verification Tools Lead at Aptiv


Dip. Ing. Serge Laverdure

head of the connected and automated vehicle unit


Mats Bjornerback

Engineering Group Manager, Aptiv