Ensure drivability in Realistic Conditions with Water crossing Simulation

Type: Webinar
LENGTH: 30 min

Safe in every circumstance – Throughout their lifecycle vehicles will sustain rain and at times extreme flooding. This has potential to greatly damage the vehicle, which is why OEMs must ensure they remain safe and operational even in while facing extreme weather conditions.

With Electric and Hybrid Vehicles the challenge remains high by as engineers must ensure they prevent water from entering critical parts of the internal compartments. 

Join our 30min webinar to understand how virtual prototypes are essential to ensure EVs provide optimal safety without impeding certification process of vehicles. 


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  • Prevent water from entering critical parts of the engine compartment of Hybrid or Electric Vehicle
  • Ensure lightweight under-body components will not break under repeated, deep water or mud loading?
  • Prevent aquaplaning, drivability simulations including deformable tire and suspensions
  • Drivers – and Sensors for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles, are not blinded by water, snow, or dust projections?


Alain Trameçon

Solution Manager for ESI Group for fluid structure interaction in Virtual Performance Solution

Dr. Matthias Schäfer

Solution Management Team Leader, ESI