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Dr. Fouad el Khaldi

Dr. Fouad el Khaldi is currently, General Manager of Industry Strategy and Innovation, with special focus on co-creation innovation projects. With over 35 years of experience in the CAE industry Dr. el Khaldi has undertaken several different roles of increasing responsibility at ESI including the role of Senior Consultant for a joint venture created by IBM Japan and ESI in Tokyo where he was in charge of developing a new solution for sheet metal forming simulation in collaboration with the Japanese Automotive Industry. Dr. el Khaldi Dr. el Khaldi is the author or co-author of numerous technical papers about CAE innovation and industry application of Virtual Prototype testing in the engineering and manufacturing domains. He is one the key contributors to the Optemus project.

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Will you have enough battery to complete your journey with the desired levels of safety and comfort?

Optimized energy management and use (OPTEMUS) represents an opportunity for overcoming one of the biggest barriers towards large scale adoption of PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). Mainly range limitation due to limited storage capacity of electric batteries. The OPTEMUS project proposes to tackle this bottleneck by leveraging low energy consumption and energy harvesting through a holistic vehicle-occupant-centred approach, considering space, cost and complexity requirements.

Enabling Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers to get reliable predictions on their battery levels, depending on multiple set parameters including:

  • The preconditioning of the cabin upon arrival of the driver
  • Cabin temperature, usage of air conditioning, cabin and seat heating systems
  • The chosen route (integrating Eco Routing technology)
  • Driving style (integrating Eco Driving technology)

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