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Serge currently serves as the head of the connected and automated vehicle unit for the innovation and discovery division. He handles Product Strategy and Innovation Projects which address the new challenges coming with the complexity changes of higher level of automatization in several domain as automotive, public transportation and robots. For the last 3 years Serge has also integrated into his product strategy all topics around societal issues regarding public acceptance, user awareness and ethics related to the deployment of connected automated vehicles.

Before joining ESI in 2013, Serge has been working over 20 years leading development of complex and critical embedded systems for aeronautics and automotive domains. He cofounded Geensys, a company operating as provider of software development kit for embedded system based on the Autosar Standard including a dedicated simulation solution. 

He graduated from the engineering school  ESIGELEC in Rouen, he has an Exec. MBA from AUDENCIA School of Management in Nantes.

Meet Serge at CES 2020!


  • Make critical design decisions early in the system development cycle
  • Enable “Agile” development and continuous Verification & Validation
  • Enhance system performance by covering standard and critical environment conditions
  • Reduce development costs by limiting usage of prototypes and test campaigns
  • Integrate user experience in your design choice and improve acceptability 

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