Demo - Collaborative Virtual Assembly Review

The introduction of new & emerging products, like E-mobility, brings new unknowns to manufacturing environments. We are now preparing to make things never previously built, in ways that have yet to be tried. Planning the launch of novel products, with advanced methods into greenfield and pre-existing plants requires enterprises to predict and mitigate risk to assure delivery of Safe, Reliable, and Sustainable mobility solutions.

Watch the Human-Centric Process Validation Demo to understand: 

  • How VR enables engineers to adapt and perform amidst a "New Normal" through Virtual Collaboration 
  • When Virtual Reality can be applied to discover Human-Centric Product & Process concerns
  • What immersive virtual collaboration between distributed teams & suppliers can mean to your enterprise
  • How to achieve cost, lead time, and downtime reduction targets for new product launches using immersive technologies

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