Safran Nacelles uses Virtual Reality Solution ESI IC.IDO to Validate Nacelles Manufacturing Tooling

Virtual Reality
Aerospace & Defense
Virtual reality represents a technology of the future that will have an impact on the efficiency of our developments. The factory of the future is already here.
Nicolas Lepape, Virtual & Augmented Reality R&T Project Manager, Safran Nacelles


When developing new aircraft programs, Safran Nacelles needed a validation method that would allow them to visualize and validate process design, without relying on physical prototypes. They also needed a way to validate the installation of new assembly and manufacturing lines, study ergonomics, and train operators.


Safran Nacelles is one of the world’s two leading aircraft engine nacelle producers. In their process of developing new aircraft programs, they realized they needed new methods that would allow them to visualize and validate their process designs – without building full sized prototypes. Read full story.


After implementing IC.IDO, ESI’s virtual reality tool, Safran Nacelles improved their overall efficiency, reducing the number of product and process development cycles required. Additionally, they now conduct collaborative sessions on-site in their 3D cave, and include the participation of external partners. The company has now fully integrated IC.IDO and virtual reality into their development and validation processes.