Epiroc Accurately Models Acoustic Performance of Mining Equipment using ESI’s VA One

Vibro-Acoustics, Virtual Performance
Heavy Industry & Machinery
“The project proved that ESI’s VA One is capable of accurately predicting the vibro acoustic performance of complex designs allowing design engineers to refine proposals before committing to expensive prototypes.”
Renny Rantakokko, M.Sc. Noise and Vibration Specialist Epiroc Rock Drills AB


Epiroc found that the use of acoustic measurements late in the design cycle to assess the performance of proposed engine noise encapsulation designs resulted in costly iterations of physical prototypes. Detailed acoustic investigations early in the design process proved critical to reduce costs and improve design turnaround time.


Epiroc, a 141 year old company and world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions focusing on the manufacturing, mining and construction industries, produces Drill Rigs for surface and underground mining applications. The noise radiated from one of these Drill Rig’s power generator is of particular concern in environments where operators work in close proximity to the mining equipment. To meet internal noise level targets, absorbent materials are used to encapsulate the engine and reduce noise radiation.


After working with ESI’s VA One, engineers at Epiroc found that the use of virtual engineering solutions early in the design process to model acoustic performance resulted in quantifiable savings in terms of time and cost. VA One allowed Epiroc's engineers to rank design variants and refine them prior to building expensive prototypes. The use of simulation to illustrate and quantify design performance allowed engineers and managers to confirm strategies early in the design phase, reducing the need for costly engineering changes later on.