Cabin & Cockpit of the Future: Meeting Brand Objectives for Aircraft Acoustics

TYPE: Webinar
LENGTH: 30min

Quiet as a mouse - To enhance an optimal passenger experience, it is critical to ensure that aircraft interiors meet the cabin brand acoustic targets whilst minimizing its weight.

Aircraft interior noises arise from exterior sources transmitted through a variety of paths into the interior, coupled with on board noise sources such as HVAC, pumps and generators.

This has the potential to greatly reduce the passenger’s comfort. Engineering simulation is essential to meet acoustic requirements without hindering the on-time certification and production targets.

Join our upcoming webinar to discover how virtual acoustic prototyping can provide answers early in the design cycle to avoid costly late interventions.



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  • Ensure optimal cabin & cockpit acoustic comfort
  • Performing virtual acoustic modelling to meet operator acoustics targets for cabin brands
  • Ensuring PA systems (Speech Clarity) perform to safety expectations
  • Design cabin interiors to meet weight and cost constraints


Massimiliano Calloni

VA Product Marketing Manager

Trevor Edwards

VA Global Business Development Manager