GIFA 2023 - 15th International Foundry Trade Fair with Technical Forum | ESI Group

12 Juin 2023 - 16 Juin 2023
Germany, Messe Düsseldorf
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Booth H44 / Hall 11
Aynur Haghighi
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Cast All Your Parts Right the First Time 
with ESI's ProCAST Casting Simulation Software

Your first parts from the trial are finally available, only for you to realize they contain defects not meeting the quality requirements. How long is your deadline to go back to the design stage, try to identify the problem, and correct it? Do you then have all the confidence that the part is finally free from defects? Casting simulation allows for virtual testing early in the development stage. This is key to meeting deadlines and stopping the waste of money on scrap parts or late designs.

For decades, engineers have relied upon casting simulation with ESI’s ProCAST as their go-to software for efficiently predicting casting basics and effectively solving deformations and residual stresses.

See the latest best practices from the global ProCAST community at GIFA 2023. At ESI’s booth H44 in hall 11, our casting engineers will help you make sense of the role and value of casting simulation for your work.


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Meet All Quality Requirements for Right-First-Time Delivery

With  ProCAST, ESI’s proven casting simulation software, one can predict, analyze, measure, and quantify most of the casting defects in the early development stages and hence take corrective actions. 
We welcome you for a demo session, to experience and learn about additional functionalities such as:

  • Dedicated porosity models - To consider the effect of different alloys and processes on porosity, be it the expansion in a cast iron or intensification /holding pressure in Die Castings, or the effect of undissolved gases on the formation of micro/gas porosity
  • Residual stress & distortion - To comprehensively track the evolution of stresses through the different stages of the casting process, influencing the final part dimensions as well as the tool life
  • Microstructure & heat treatment - Predict the as-cast microstructure evolution through solidification & cooling and hence determine mechanical properties. Can be extended to analyze the effect of heat treatment
  • Grain structure - Compute required grain structure (DS, SX,…) by controlling casting process conditions to achieve desired part performance. ProCAST CAFE module couples Cellular Automation (CA) with finite Element (FE) heat flow computations.
  • Process optimization - Identify the sensitivity of the most influential process variables to arrive at an optimized set of process variables such as casting temperature, pouring rate, etc. And finally evaluate the operating process window, to account for process variations, which are given on the shop floor.

Get Informed About ESI Casting Software Prior to GIFA

Smart Die Casting

Do you work in Die casting? Learn how to reproduce shop floor conditions.

Casting Desktop Simulation

Are you from a Sand casting foundry? Find out how to optimize the gating system & eliminate the risk of shrinkage porosity.

Investment Casting

Are you interested in Investment casting? Read how to efficiently control the entire process to cast intricate designs.


Stellantis’ uses virtual prototyping to make the right decisions in their casting process


FAR uses ESI ProCAST to determine the best DCM for an automotive oil pump.

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casting webinar

A thorough webinar on the end-to-end casting process

ESI Ironcasting ECOTRE

Empowering foundries to achieve “rightweight” parts while reducing material costs

Rolls Royce

"With a simulation run of around ten minutes, our newly implemented co-design workflow gives us the ability to locate 97% of potential casting issues associated with designs" Nick Calcutt, Rolls-Royce

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Smart Manufacturing Software Solution Manager



Casting Simulation Expert

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Technical & Business Consultant at ESI Group

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EMEA Smart Manufacturing – Business Developer & Technical Leader – Customer Experience


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