Fluid Power Systems Simulation Software

In mobile machinery and automotive, in different industrial applications as well as for climatization of vehicles and buildings hydraulic actuators, pneumatic systems, and the corresponding control units are very crucial to deliver high precision, fast response time & high-power density. Several of the systems and sub-systems in this mechatronics system have pumps, actuators, and valves controlling liquid or gas flows. These systems can be fully modeled and simulated in SimulationX. Any undesirable effects during operations, wrong dimensioning of sub-systems, and non-linear phenomena can be discovered and mitigated very early in the design process.

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Hydraulics Simulation

  • Optimize hydraulic actuation and electrohydraulic drives in mobile machines  
  • connected to 3D mechanics and uneven ground environments. 
  • Control design and behavior optimization of industrial applications like presses.  
  • Design and performance evaluation of hydraulic components 
  • Modeling full systems with pumps, valves, actuators, & fluid reservoirs 
  • Design hydraulically assisted braking, steering, gears & suspension systems 
  • Analysis of thermal behavior of hydraulic systems 
  • Comprehensive plants for subsea hydraulic applications 

Library support: Hydraulics, Hydraulics Lubrication, Hydraulic Brake Systems, Subsea Hydraulics  

Pneumatics Simulation

  • Analyzing pneumatic air suspension & braking systems for trucks, railway vehicles, and cars 
  • Early design decisions for pressurized air systems 
  • Control design for pneumatic drives or air springs 
  • Increase the energy efficiency of compressed air systems. 
  • Simulation of systems with gas mixtures industry like semiconductor plants 

Library support: Pneumatics, Vehicle Pneumatics 

Simulate Thermal Systems & HVAC and Power Generation

  • Evaluate HVAC systems for thermal control & precision. 
  • Ventilation systems for buildings, trains, busses, or aircraft 
  • Air conditioning systems for high-precision machines and devices. 
  • Systems containing air and liquid circuits connected to vapor cycles like HVAC in cars or for battery thermal management. 
  • Heat pump modeling for stationary applications (buildings) 
  • Simulation of electrolyzers and fuel cells for the full cycle of green hydrogen: production, storage, and use for electricity generation. 
  • Modeling of thermal solar systems with melted salts 

Library support: HVAC and Power lite, Thermal Fluids, Thermal  

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