Virtual Design, Test, and Qualification of Aerospace Components and Structures

Noise is a key brand differentiator in the aeronautic sector, and a critical mission success factor in space applications where constructors and operators are focused on improving operating performance and sustainability.

When trying to optimize the weight vs. cost ratio to meet interior noise targets of aircrafts, helicopters and new air mobility engineers can run into delays and cost overruns in the design cycle. Challenges also arise mainly from the qualification of vibro-acoustic performance of sensitive payloads in the space industry.

To meet demanding design objectives, acoustic engineers must be able to assess and accurately predict noise and vibration of new designs early in the design cycle before committing to expensive physical prototypes.

Build Your Very Own Virtual Acoustic Chamber

The use of virtual prototyping and vibro-acoustic simulation software is being adopted by engineers as a proven solution to overcome design challenges whilst still meeting regulatory constraints.

With ESI’s Acoustic Performance solution, engineers can virtually test space structures using an in-house virtual acoustic chamber that avoids the need to move sensitive equipment to remote facilities.

By using VA One, engineers are able to emulate the diffuse acoustic field on both fairing and payload using strategically placed loudspeakers calibrated to provide meaningful test results in a laboratory environment that remove the need to use expensive high energy test facilities.

They can accurately evaluate all vibro-acoustic performance criteria simultaneously and deliver precise individual and overall results.

For a fraction of the time and cost compared to physical prototyping, engineers can:

  • Run numerous trials for various configurations early in the design phase
  • Optimize and fine-tune performance simultaneously to ensure design objectives are achieved
  • Virtually qualify structures before committing to expensive physical prototypes

ESI has been a fantastic partner in helping Joby develop a first-of-its-kind vibro-acoustic model of an eVTOL aircraft,”

Greg Goetchius
Lead Engineer for Noise and Vibration at Joby Aviation