Discover how Virtual Prototyping can Accelerate Aerospace Processes and Profits

By immersively visualizing future products and components, analyzing product integration, and synthesizing human-centric assembly and maintenance processes, aerospace and defense manufacturers can avoid costly and limited physical prototype testing without compromising accuracy, safety, or time-to-market.

Discover how our innovative aerospace digital solutions can transform your processes and profits - watch our video to find out more.

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从飞机和直升机到太空技术,航空航天行业的 OEM 正面临一个难题:开发产品所采取的方式必须能可靠、安全地应对最不确定的因素,并为乘客打造非凡的飞行体验。与此同时,他们还需要优化供应链,以便从容应对订单激增的局面,将下一代低能耗概念产品快速推向市场,并保证质量和安全。

但是,既要获得航空航天新技术认证并演示飞机的行为,又要在上市前和在整个生命周期培养客户对下一代产品的信任感,就好比一个硬币的两面。航空航天业的工程经理已经在引入配备先进仿真工具的产品生命周期管理 (Product Lifecylce Management, PLM) 解决方案,这些工具可以提高工作效率并为决策提供更坚实的基础。但是,如需高效管理这种复杂性,工程师必须以虚拟方式评估飞机成品在真实场景下的整体情况。

性能是制造的关键。这就是 ESI 将 PLM 升级为产品性能生命周期管理 (Product performance Product Lifecycle, PPL) 的原因。我们深信,产品性能生命周期管理是您get it right®的通道。让我们携手开拓飞机研发新局面

ESI 虚拟样机和 Hybrid Twin™ 解决方案使工程师能够同时利用真实数据和真实物理特性进行虚拟实验。这为工程师提供了更大的自由度,让他们在开发早期就信心十足,一次设计便制造和组装出理想的产品——甚至不用等到切割第一块钢板,而且不依赖物理测试或物理原型,也避免了最终操作过程中出现中断情况。这是真正意义上的端到端数字线程,它将产品设计、制造和服务运营无缝连接,让您在竞争中脱颖而出。

ESI 可以帮助我快速部署先进制造能力吗? 


材料物理学使这一切成为可能,而这正是我们自 1973 年成立以来就独有的专业知识。从热传递和流体流动到相变、残余应力建模等,您都可以利用 ESI 在冶金和工艺性能方面的专业知识来发挥您的内部能力,以开发新设计并保留最具战略意义的部分。我们已经帮助 Honeywell 实现了这个目标。 

ESI 可以帮助我维持生产进度吗?


对于各种制造工艺,包括铸造、钣金成型、复合材料和增材制造,我们的共同使命是一次性获得正确产品,从而降低废品率,提高生产率。虚拟制造让您能够以“突破性速度”研发新的制造和组装工艺,从而将创新范围扩展至整条供应链,这是克服挑战并应对订单激增的关键成功因素。我们已经帮助 Rolls-Royce 实现了这个目标。

ESI 可以帮助我在实现工业 4.0 的过程中获得优势吗? 


随着工厂效率不断提高,在产品开发阶段,制造商就可通过调试设计错误和效率低下的工艺来确保熟练完成组装工序。  此外,沉浸式仿真制造环境还能让您进行全方位体验,无需制作任何物理原型即可模拟制造的操作过程,并验证和优化生产场景中的新交互。最后,经过验证的设计数据已为支持增强现实系统做好充分准备,该系统将指导操作人员并创建智能、敏捷的工业 4.0 工作区。我们已经帮助 Safran 实现了这个目标。 

Understanding the benefits of virtual prototyping in aerospace and defense

Driven by operational challenges such as overcoming barriers to innovation adoption, meeting sustainability KPIs without compromising on additional business priorities, and ramping up digital transformation, aviation manufacturers are exploring new ways to reach greater levels of industrial efficiency.

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Get Acoustic Qualification Right First Time

Test and certify new air and spacecraft designs with your very own virtual acoustic chamber: get noise certification right the first time to ensure superior sound quality. The fully virtual, emission-friendly test system can identify discrepancies early on, and test and certify vibroacoustic performance whilst minimizing processes, tooling, and scrap material costs.

Ensure Superior Sound Quality

Achieve desired comfort levels with reduced interior and exterior noise emission and create a quiet comfortable in-cabin air travel experience for passengers.


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Speed up Space Structural Qualification

Virtually qualify space structural dynamics safely, fast, and at a low cost, minimizing the need for expensive remote test facilities.


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Power Collaborative Virtual Workflows in the Industrial Metaverse

Push engineering workflows months ahead of production by creating your own industrial metaverse. Experience physical interactions with yet-to-be-realized aircraft designs without waiting for the construction of physical prototypes and collaborate with colleagues without having to travel to a common site. Immersively explore new aircraft concepts from a worker and operator perspective and gain hands-on experience of the processes required to make and maintain them.

Human-Centric Process Validation and Product Integration

Use Virtual or extended Reality to build interactive immersive experiences that validate human-performed process validation and complex product integration.


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Virtual Manufacturing of High-Precision Parts

Achieve the highest material performance by using simulation-based testing. Gain a deeper understanding of material physics with unlimited analyses and experiences, which is impossible to do with physical tests and trial & error. Create stable, robust manufacturing processes to secure production ramp-up, minimize scrap costs, save natural resources, and ensure on-time delivery.​


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