Development of a Process to Predict Whole Vehicle Aeroacoustic Interior Noise



Abstract. Quality and refinement are of paramount importance for luxury vehicles. The rapid electrification of the automotive industry has increased the contribution of aeroacoustics to the consumer perception of sound quality. The ability to predict whole vehicle aeroacoustic interior noise is essential in the development of vehicles with an extraordinary acoustic environment. But how can simulation provide the most optimal way to predict total vehicle aeroacoustic interior noise? The process outlined in SAE technical paper from Bentley Motors and ESI can be used as a guideline to predict the whole vehicle’s aeroacoustic performance for future vehicles. This approach enables OEMs to remove physical prototype vehicle testing at early stages where the vehicle shape can often be misrepresentative of the intended series design. Plus, this way of working is mission-critical for significantly reducing the likelihood of late, costly design changes.

Benjamin West and Holly Daniels, Bentley Motors Limited
Joseph Venor and Simon Martin, ESI UK Limited

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