ProCAST Webinar | Achieving Top Quality Die Casting Through Simulation

29 Février 2024
South Korea, Online
2-3PM (KST)
1 Hour
Shinyoung Baek
syb [at] (syb[at]esi-group[dot]com)
+82 (0)10 2041 2313

Achieving Top-Quality Die Castings Through Simulation

Casting simulation helps industrial manufacturers and foundries comply with new and increasingly stringent market expectations and achieve the highest quality and productivity possible. ESI ProCAST / QuikCAST enables foundries to predict casting defects early on, improve the design and process, without the need for costly physical try-outs, achieve lower scrap rates, and consistently deliver quality parts.

This webinar from ESI is dedicated to showcasing technological advancement in Die casting process and how industries can take advantage of these.


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The agenda is as below:

  1. Die Temperature Control
  2. Die Casting Machine Integration
  3. Casting Defects
  4. Dimensional Control
  5. Q&A – 10 mins

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