Space Structure Vibroacoustic Qualification Workshop | ESI Group

27 Mars 2023
France, Mercure Hotel Toulouse Centre Compans, Toulouse
12pm to 5:30pm CET
Caroline Bombart
cbt [at] (cbt[at]esi-group[dot]com)

This hands-on workshop themed “Full frequency analysis from fairing to payload” will be held on 27th March 2023 in France, at the Mercure Hotel Toulouse Centre Compans (see full details below) and will start with a networking lunch at 12.00 pm.
This workshop will focus on both the simulation process (handling multiple models and model building) and computational performance using VA One.

Our keynote Speaker, Alexis Castel will lead the discussion and: 

  • Provide a Space Structure Vibroacoustic Qualification Process Overview
  • Open and extract the acoustic loads experienced from a launch acoustic Ray Tracing model
  • Build a low-frequency FEM model of the fairing and predict the internal acoustic environment 
  • Expand the previous analysis and model by converting it to a SEA model
  • Calculate the resulting stresses using a FEM-BEM model created by our VA One model builder 

Agenda and Access


  • 12:00 – 13:30 - Networking Lunch 
  • 13:30 – 17:30 - Workshop Space Structure Vibroacoustic Qualification - Full frequency analysis from fairing to payload by Alexis Castel Customer Experience Technical Expert 

WHERE - Mercure Hotel Toulouse Centre | 8, Esplanade Compans Caffarelli | 31000 Toulouse | France
WHEN - Monday, March 27th 2023 
COST - € 300 which includes your networking lunch
QUESTIONS - Reach out to Caroline Bombart (cbt [at]