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SIMPLAC doubles the production rate of a VW part with ESI’s die casting simulation software

Ground Transportation

Thanks to ProCAST, SIMPLAC helps VW part supplier to increase its production rate by a factor of 2.2 and reduced the scrap rate. Engineers were able to simulate the complete Die Casting process including DCM selection.  These benefits demonstrate why virtual tests and prototypes are mission-critical to innovation and lightweight parts.

Using ProCAST, SIMPLAC’s engineers quickly identified and anticipated the main issues related to filling and solidification during the feasibility stages in the early phases of the project. We were able to properly define and design a gating system that met the quality requirements VW required.

Luís Machado
Die Casting Dies General Manager/Co-owner

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SIMPLAC relies on a professional and experienced team, who have worked in the mold industry for almost forty years, designing and producing high and low pressure die-casting dies, trimming dies and hydraulic clamping fixture tools for a variety of other industries: automotive, trains, aeronautics, electrical appliances, medical and naval instruments.

SIMPLAC bets with aggressiveness and ambition in continuous improvement, as a way to achieve the "machine" mold, a mold that is not adjusted but rather assembled, being well executed the first time, achieving in this way the satisfaction and quality in the product obtained by their client, also guaranteeing the competitiveness and sustainability of the company.

With almost 40 years of know-how in HPDC and LPDC molds, conception, and production, SIMPLAC is dedicated to delivering high quality, on time, through continuous improvement of management, staff, products, and services to better satisfy the needs of the customers. In the past decade, due to the needs of their clients and with the accumulated know-how and to diversify, SIMPLAC has begun to develop and produce a complete pack of tools (Die Casting Molds; Timing Dies; Hydraulic Clamping Fixture Tools).