How do I mitigate Rattle Noise (BSR) using vibro-acoustic simulation?

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One of the highest incidences of customer recalls in the automotive industry is caused by rattles. Rattles are difficult to locate and control after delivery which results in expensive repairs for manufacturers and, even more importantly, customer dissatisfaction.

The BSR module in VA One leverages the simulation solution to perform random vibration simulation and predict the noise radiated vibrating structures during rattle contact events.

This webinar demonstrates the use of the BSR module in VA One to show how designers can use the simulation results to identify potential impact locations and rank them using indicators based on impact probability, contact forces, radiated sound pressure level and even the loudness of the rattle event. Engineers and CAE managers will get an understanding of the BSR module and how the simulation solution can help them improve the design of their product and mitigate rattle issue before ever building a prototype.