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Dive into the World of Zero Tests, Zero Prototypes, Zero Downtime

Reach it, load it, and install it. Turn it, use it, or remove it.
Validating human interaction with future products for assembly, maintenance, or operation tasks
Automotive, Digital Transformation, Heavy Machinery, Virtual Reality

Experience proposed production & service processes first-hand
Just as you would in real-life
Heavy Machinery, Virtual Reality

Electrified Heavy Machinery: How can you avoid late error findings for manufacturing, assembly and maintenance processes?
Using Virtual Reality to anticipate challenges related to human interactions
Heavy Machinery, Virtual Reality

How to push the boundaries of CFD modeling and the need to move towards democratization of numerical simulation
Read on to learn about the latest research findings from the global CFD community shared at the 9th OpenFOAM Conference
Aerospace, Automotive, Company News, Digital Transformation, Virtual Reality

It Takes Two to Act Sustainably: Zero-Emission Heavy Machines and Digital Transformation
Hit ambitious technological, environmental and financial targets
Heavy Machinery, Virtual Reality

Sustainably Protect Humans Against Harmful Aerosols
This blog discusses a new approach to determine and validate effective measures to mitigate the risks of airborne particles based on the distribution of aerosols carrying pathogens exhaled by humans in closed spaces.
Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Commissioning?
Is Virtual commissioning equivalent to traditional machine commissioning?
Digital Transformation, Virtual Reality

Space, the Next Frontier
Anticipate and address manufacturing process-related issues early
Aerospace, Virtual Reality

Bridge the Gap Between Virtual and Real
Deliver safe and productive machinery, manufacturing, and maintenance processes for the heavy industry with virtual reality
Heavy Machinery, Virtual Reality

Build and Maintain Your Reputation – and Your Machines
Tools to keep you at the top of the heavy machinery game and a webinar series to guide you through each step of the digitization of the Heavy Industry.
Heavy Machinery, Virtual Reality

Adapting to the ‘New Normal’: Stay Safe and Productive Through Virtual Collaboration
During these trying times, we must all pivot towards innovative ways of working and, at the same time, keep employees safe. In this blog, we discuss a proven solution to keep your business on track, while safely 'coming together'.
Virtual Reality

MAN Bus Reduces Response Time From Days to Hours Thanks to Collaborative Engineering Reviews with Virtual Reality
In a technologically advanced world changing at the speed of light, time is a precious commodity for automakers, which is why they can't waste it on the prototype development cycle. See how they were able to eliminate days of unnecessary work, saving them money, and getting their products to market without delay.
Virtual Reality

Reality: Extended and Unplugged - ESI Joins NVIDIA CloudXR Early Access
The power needed to deliver professional-grade, high-fidelity virtual realities has required VR gear to be tethered to a powerful engineering workstation, capable of delivering the performance needed to meet validation requirements on assembly processes and service procedures. But for how much longer? NVIDIA CloudXR with ESI IC.IDO shows the sky is the limit.
Virtual Reality

Get Mouse Ears Off Your Car Body
Mouse ears, ogees, esses, stingers… all distortions of fractions of a millimeter that can result in a stamped panel or even an entire vehicle being rejected. Don’t let that happen to you. Save both time and money by discovering how you can predict these anomalies before they occur.
Automotive, Virtual Reality

Catching Design Issues Early with Virtual Reality
Why incur time delays and sudden costs fixing unexpected problems on your assembly line when you can evaluate designs and spot potential errors before you begin construction? No physical mock-ups required, no waiting for a physical product to be produced and evaluated, and if you have more than one site, no time-consuming and costly travel arrangements. Find out how Nexteer Automotive improved the quality and performance of their assembly equipment by stepping inside the virtual world - and how you can do the same.
Automotive, Virtual Reality

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