ESI Group at the International Paris Airshow 2023

20 六月 2023
Paris, France
Empowering Aviation Businesses: Building Upon Digitalization with Virtual Prototyping

ESI Group, (ISIN Code: FR0004110310, Symbol: ESI), the world-renowned simulation and virtual prototyping software provider for the industry, is excited to announce its participation in the 54th edition of the International Paris Airshow taking place from June 19th to 25th, 2023. ESI Group is to demonstrate the transformative power of virtual prototyping, enabling engineers to digitally validate design performance in critical areas such as product quality, production capacity utilization, safety, and security.

How simulation technology is empowering aviation businesses

Discover how ESI’s simulation technology is helping leading aerospace players become faster, greener, and more efficient by accelerating structural transformation and expanding digital capabilities. Innovate without compromise to create a cleaner and safer world:

Software solutions presented:

- VA One, one of the flagship Aerospace products of ESI Group, is a software tool used to analyze and simulate noise and vibration in engineering and design processes. Engineers can assess and optimize designs to reduce noise and vibration levels, identify potential noise and vibration sources, study sound transmission paths, and evaluate the effectiveness of noise control measures. This software plays a crucial role in the Aerospace industry including the new entrants like eVTOL players, where noise and vibration control are essential for product performance, comfort, and safety.

- ESI’s team of simulation experts will demonstrate a new way of experiencing Human Centric Process Validations in a fully collaborative environment with IC.IDO, ESI’s Virtual Reality Engineering Software. Through Virtual Prototyping, complex scenarios can be run with maximum comfort using untethered headsets, including pass-through technology, while easily engaging stakeholders to make earlier decisions.

- Discover how casting simulation helps foundry professionals control the impact of each parameter and optimize the entire process. ESI Group will showcase how its composite solutions enable its customers to create feasibility studies at the design stage, to consolidate their manufacturing process.

Virtual Prototypes empower engineers to digitally validate a design’s performance in terms of product quality, production capacity utilization, safety, security, and operational and maintenance costs. ESI Group’s solution helps aerospace companies reduce their environmental footprint by eliminating the need for physical mock-ups and avoiding the late discovery of inefficiencies during production or maintenance. Virtual Prototyping is one of the most innovative ways to minimize cost overruns, prove manufacturability, and ensure process consistency. ESI Group is committed to shaping a better future by harnessing the power of technology to push boundaries and drive progress.

Come and visit ESI Group: Hall 4, Booth D92 (Pole Astech).

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