Weld-Rupture Process and Strength Validation

Welding & Assembly
Ground Transportation

The automotive industry has been steadily shifting towards lightweight materials to reduce vehicle weight, boost fuel economy, and improve range, especially for hybrid and electric vehicles. Using new materials such as high and ultra-high-strength steel is a very common theme. However, they do not come without challenges, such as: the weldability of dissimilar materials, the resulting spot weld nugget size and quality and the influence of the heat affected zone on the final connection strength.

ESI’s unique solution for virtual testing of the spot weld strength based on accurate spot weld process simulations allows you to reliably predict the rupture characteristics under various loading conditions. The solution is integrated in one single intuitive graphical environment and does not require highly skilled material and process engineers to setup and analyze spot weld quality, weld lobe analysis and coupon-level rupture behavior for various test specimens.

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