Virtual Modeling for Mega Casting

De-risking the Future of Automotive Manufacturing

Mega casting (also called giga casting or hyper casting), the revolutionary process for producing massive aluminum car components, promises a lighter, more efficient future for the auto industry. But with such innovation comes inherent risk. By simulating every aspect of the mega casting process, you can identify and correct potential issues before expensive tools are manufactured, optimize designs, and ensure flawless production - ensuring a smooth transition to the future of car manufacturing.

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Virtual Modeling of Mega Casting with ProCAST Delivers

Better Designs and Fewer Defects
Better Designs and Fewer Defects

Optimize the strength, weight distribution, and manufacturability design, and identify potential weaknesses before production.

Improved Quality and Performance
Improved Quality and Performance

Ensure the final product meets the desired mechanical properties and performance requirements by simulating The entire process from die heating until part ejection.

Cost Savings and Efficiency
Cost Savings and Efficiency

Streamline the manufacturing process and drastically reduce the need for physical trial-and-error approaches to experience cost savings in terms of materials, labor, and time.

Accelerated Innovation
Accelerated Innovation

Explore unlimited design variations, material alloys, and process parameters without the limitations and cost of physical prototyping.

Xcelerate with Mega Casting — Shaping the Future of Body-in-White Design at Volvo Cars

Explore how Volvo Cars are switching to mega casting for their car bodies to simplify manufacturing, reduce weight, and improve safety. Read about their journey to bring Mega Casting functionality in-house, and how they use simulation to design for optimal manufacturability.


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Unleashing the Power of Casting Simulation for Mega Castings

Read this blog by Senior Product Marketing Manager Mark Vrolijk and discover the importance of casting simulation for manufacturers using mega casting, as it enables engineers to optimize designs and virtually analyze factors like required locking force Filling quality, shrinkage porosity, and final distortions.


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Mega Casting: Engineering the Future of Automotive Manufacturing!

Watch the recording of this virtual event to explore Mega Casting and the essential role of virtual simulation in auto manufacturing. The event will explore the obstacles and solutions in your Mega Casting journey and introduce ESI ProCAST as your key to producing optimal quality castings with minimum lead time and production cost.


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Giga Casting: The Hottest Trend in Car Manufacturing

This blog by principal research analysts Edwin Pope and Mengyin Tao of S&P Global Mobility explores how Giga Casting is gaining traction in the auto industry, particularly in China, and practitioners see benefits in weight reduction, efficiency, and potential cost savings. They also explore challenges including high upfront costs and limited machine availability, innovation required to integrate giga casting with existing body shop processes…. and more.


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