In your current organization, how do you “front load manufacturing” to reduce time to market and achieve virtually Zero Defects in production? How can you be sure of your choices for materials, manufacturing processes, and assembly strategies? Is there a way to safeguard your margins, right from the design stage? As the industry is fostering a new generation of electrified and autonomous machinery and equipment, these questions are nothing but more relevant than ever.

Simulate Manufacturability of Your Designs to Get Parts and Assemblies Right the First Time

ESI’s virtual prototyping solutions empower Heavy Machinery OEMS and their suppliers to verify the manufacturability of designed parts and assembled components via accurate simulations to avoid late manufacturing issues, and to choose the best possible manufacturing strategies with quality, cost, time, and sustainability in mind. ESI’s expertise and manufacturing simulation software is rooted in the predictive physics of materials!

Secure performance and quality indicators for the as-manufactured products early in the development process from design for manufacturing to process and tooling validation. Early confidence in the right production process is key to manufacturing safe, clean, and productive machinery & equipment with sustainable, decarbonized development practices.

Turn to ESI to simulate and master all manufacturing processes from casting to sheet metal forming, composites manufacturing, welding, joining, and assembly - all virtually across the entire value chain.

Casting Simulation Software ProCAST Gives You Full Control of Your Processes to Reduce Scrap Rates Drastically

Heavy machinery OEMs, their Tiers and parts suppliers have initiated their digital journey to reap considerable benefits: ensuring part castability, increasing part quality, optimizing manufacturing processes, avoiding late and costly design changes, reducing time-to-market, safeguarding margins, and ultimately cutting-down scrap rates, material waste and carbon emissions.

ESI’s casting process simulation software ProCAST is a proven solution, taking account of the most complex physics of materials. Our casting simulation software empowers companies to model any casting processes including sand casting and die casting – the most widespread ones in the heavy machinery & equipment industry. ProCAST enables cast iron/steel co-design and process validation

What’s more, our casting simulation solution supports the deployment of effective co-design workflows, that will help your organization ensure best castability, and reduce time for process development & validation.

How to Keep up with Parts Design & Production during Pandemic Situations?

Watch our webinar to find out how casting simulation with ProCAST efficiently delivers accurate answers to early questions about:

  • castability
  • microstructure & heat treatment
  • stress & dimension control
  • process optimization


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Simulate the Full Welding & Assembly Chain to Get Certainty Over Your Quality Expectations

How do you currently predict welding quality and performance, and how can you be certain that you will deliver safe and reliable heavy machinery or equipment? How do you make sure your welded parts will remain within tolerances once assembled? If you are responsible for body manufacturing, at what stage of product development do you currently tackle questions related to full body assembly?

ESI’s welding and assembly process simulation software deliver critical answers to bring certainty over welding quality, welding performance (including fatigue and durability), and distortion engineering. Using SYSWELD will enable you to optimize your weld sequences, your weld method, as well as clamp and shape locations.

Predicting material properties and residual stress due to the heat effect of welding will enable you to control distortions – and often-complex topic, especially considering the large size of the parts manufactured in the heavy machinery industry – and to minimize the repair costs often associated with distortion.

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