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Validate decisions related to products before you commit to building them.

How do you know your product is properly designed for assembly, service, and operations?

In virtual reality, engineers validate their product integration strategies before any physical mock-up is constructed so that they can define their designs agilely, with minimum impact on cost and delays. With Virtual Reality, support the digital evaluation of packaging and space claim, mechanism design, and interaction, whether for the product in operation or to evaluate assembly, service, and maintenance processes.

  • With realistic physics, engineers simulate the behavior of wiring, cabling, and hoses, on a real scale and in real time.
  • Empower teams to discover issues with tangling, binding, or pinching of hoses and wires to avoid interference, collision, or abrasion in operation.

Watch our recorded webinar for a closer look at the application of Virtual and Extended reality to perform tests and certify products as they will be operated, including operational safety, electrical systems, and durability concerns for all use & misuse cases.

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