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24 五月 2023 - 26 五月 2023
Japan, Yokohama & Online
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Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2023

Accelerate development of clean, safe, productive electrified vehicles with virtual simulation | Build your Industrial Metaverse to Power Collaborative Virtual Workflow.

Pacifico Yokohama

Join us at booth #269 at the Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama, May 24-26, to learn about successful overseas case studies using ESI simulation! Hear from the experts on how to build an industrial metaverse and facilitate collaborative virtual workflows. Also Massimiliano Calloni will present Simulation of Electric Vehicle Component Encapsulation Using a Coupled Finite Element (FEM) - Poroelastic Element (PEM) - Boundary Element (BEM) Approach.


At the online exhibition to be held from May 17 (Wed.) to June 7 (Wed.), we will introduce a wide range of VR systems specialized for design and manufacturing processes, as well as analysis solutions that support more efficient automotive development in manufacturing processes such as casting, press forming, welding/assembly, and composite material forming. In the online workshop, Tadao Nakamura will present a lecture on "Realization of 'Zero Prototype Development' Using Industrial VR".

  • Date/Time: May 17 (Wed.) - June 17 (Wed.), 2023 *Pre-opening: May 17 (Wed.) - 23 (Tue.), 2023
  • Location: Online
  • Registration fee: Free of charge *Full registration required
  • Registration: Click here to register to attend

We look forward to seeing you there!

Build your Industrial Metaverse to Power Collaborative Virtual Workflows 

Create your own industrial metaverse to experience physical interactions with yet-to-be-realized vehicle designs without waiting for construction or traveling to a common site. Immersively explore new vehicle concepts from a worker and operator perspective and gain a hands-on experience of the processes required to make and maintain them. This is how you push engineering workflows months ahead of production. 

Come to our booth to learn more about our Virtual Reality Solutions for Automakers, and register with our form below so our experts can be expecting you.


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Lecture Title

Realization of "zero prototype development" using industrial VR.


As part of the digital innovation (DX) of the product development process, the introduction of industrial VR, the next step after 3D-CAD, is accelerating.

This DX aims to achieve zero prototype development by experiencing and verifying products and manufacturing processes at a 1/1 scale, which is closer to the actual product.

As the New Normal becomes increasingly prevalent, technical meetings are also becoming more remote, and it is now possible to achieve more "intimate" communication by immersing oneself in the same VR space from multiple locations at the same time. This presentation will introduce the forefront of DX using industrial VR provided by ESI.

Lecture Title

Simulation of Electric Vehicle Component Encapsulation Using a Coupled Finite Element (FEM) - Poroelastic Element (PEM) - Boundary Element (BEM) Approach


Encapsulation uses poroelastic materials to reduce electric motor noise in electric vehicles. Electric motor noise presents a new challenge for acoustic designers due to its unique frequency content. While structural changes can optimize acoustic performance, they may only shift the problem to a different frequency range. Poroelastic materials offer a direct and effective solution.

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Meet ESI Group experts at Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama 2023