Creating more sustainable practices in automotive manufacturing through virtually testing multi-material assemblies

1 九月 2022
10am ET / 4pm CET

Automotive companies strive to develop lightweight, disruptive, and sustainable mobility products. Their carbon reduction objectives mainly translate into weight reduction targets, which conveniently lead to increased EV range.  Because of this, lightweight body and chassis have become the new must-have, shifting away from 100% steel body and chassis manufacturing to multi-material strategies. Multi-material options mainly combine different steel grades, aluminum, and sometimes composites. Applying the right material at the right place, with the relevant joining technologies, without jeopardizing the final product performance requires confidence in predicting the problems complex manufacturing of those advanced assemblies causes. 

Unfortunately, today’s electrification challenges lead to greater investments for powertrains and therefore fewer resources for the body and chassis. That tradeoff increases the pressure for OEMs to achieve better cost efficiency in their engineering and manufacturing. 

Join us on  September 1st for a joint webinar between CIMdata & ESI Group where we will address how automakers are moving towards more sustainable strategies. By shifting from a single-point numerical simulation toward a fully streamlined and virtual prototyping approach our customers reduce their:

  • overall product development cycle
  • cost 
  • time to start of production (SOP)

We look forward to seeing you there!


Highlights & Registration

Guest Speaker, Tom Gill, Senior PLM Consultant, CIMdata, will share insight on “Addressing new sustainability challenges in the Automotive Industry” - a commentary on the critical shift to virtual prototyping to  build confidence in product design by predicting manufacturing, assembly, and product performance during the design phase.

Industry experts from ESI Group, will discuss “Designing and manufacturing multi-material assemblies for lightweight body and chassis” – showcasing practical examples on to move from a single-point process simulation towards a full virtual prototyping solution.

Live Q&A will follow at the end of the presentations.

Interested in a preview prior to the event? Access our latest blog on how virtual testing accelerates automotive vehicle development.


Tom Gill

Senior Consultant at CIMdata


Masaki Gosa

Industry Program Leader


Mark Vrolijk

Senior Industry Marketing & Business Development Manager

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