Simulation in child car seat design – Why do it?

23 三月 2021
2.00 CET PM

There have been developments in the European child restraint landscape which have major implications on developers. The announcement that R44 is being phased out by Sept 2023 and the increasing pressure on the industry to address sustainability. Recycling of the current stock of car seats is a major challenge in itself, however ongoing and future product needs urgent consideration for sustainability and recycling for the future. 

Simulation offers opportunity to explore solutions to this important environment issue. Optimizing safety performance and addressing the increasing emphasis on consumer ratings as being the measure of poor, better, best, simulation presents opportunity to evaluate the design and to mitigate against poor results and the impact on sales.

Multi award winning JMDA Design in partnership with ESI Group a global leader in Virtual Prototyping Solutions (VPS) have collaborated and served the occupant protection industry for many years. Our unique partnership has enabled many leading developers of child car seats evaluate, de-risk and build confidence in their designs at an early stage in the development. 

Using VPS is a powerful tool and process is not only essential in the development of innovative and cutting edge designs, but also to control time and investment in the upstream phase of these complex development projects.

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Key Topics

  • De Risk the investment and build confidence in achieving the best outcome.
  • Identify and evaluate design solution for sustainability and recycling.
  • Optimize performance for consumer ratings and future proof the market and sales.
  • Plan ahead by understanding the detail under the skin and plan more efficiently. 
  • Optimize the materials and structure to minimize unit cost, weight and waste.
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Roberto López Carracedo

Engineering Services Team Leader & IT Security Coordinator


Derrick Barker

Managing Director of JMDA