Manufacturing Process Simulation

22 六月 2021
Germany, Virtual
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Egon Wiedekind
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On the 22nd of June the Composites United (formerly CCeV) working group Manufacturing Process Simulation will organize a one-day event solely dedicated to the simulation of manufacturing processes for composites.


ESI expert Frederic Masseria will be contributing with the following presentation at 10am:

Manufacturing Process Simulation of Fiber Reinforced Composites – Industrial software tools and state of the art in research

Fiber reinforced composites (FRC) are widely used in order to reduce the weight of structural parts. Depending on the manufacturing process, the prediction of stiffness and strength based on FEM is often still a challenge. The simulation of the whole manufacturing process can be very helpful in order to get the necessary information for such a prediction.

The presentation will introduce the industrial software solutions of ESI Group for manufacturing process simulation (MPS) of FRC. These solutions contain draping-, resin injection- and curing process simulations with the tools ESI PAM-COMPOSITES. The advantages, the limits and the usability will be shown.

Frederic Masseria

Business Development Manager Composite Solutions
About Composites

Confidently Build Lightweight Composite Products Free From Defects with Easy-to-Use Composite Simulation Software

With the unique capabilities of ESI PAM-COMPOSITES, you can study each step of the composites manufacturing chain through a process-oriented workflow. Material information and history (local shearing, local fiber content, and orientation, degree of cure, etc.), as well as geometrical properties (shape, thickness, etc.), are seamlessly transferred from one stage of the manufacturing chain to the next. This ensures maximum feedback accuracy when adjusting the process parameters to correct defects and reduce production cycle time.

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