Opening & Thought Leadership Panel

A captivating female-inspired panel of virtual prototyping pioneers from the aerospace, automotive, and heavy industries will share their real-life stories of how they integrated digital tools into their daily activities to stay competitive, cutting-edge, and transformative.


  • Camilla Vitelli - Head of VCE and VAS PLM, Volvo Group
  • Jennifer Goforth - Executive Director, GM
  • Dr. Cristel de Rouvray - Chief Executive Officer, ESI Group


  • Monica Schnitger - President and Principal Analyst, Schnitger Corporation

The Digital Vehicle for Fast and Sustainable Development, Daimler Truck


Dr. Marko Weirich, Daimler Truck AG


Daimler Truck has created a global platform for virtual vehicle and powertrain function development. The platform includes a digital collaboration framework where models of vehicle subsystems are combined to modules that represent the physical and controls the behavior of a real truck. Depending on the actual task different levels of model accuracy and runtime requirements can be selected, starting from simple 0-dimensional up to complex 3-dimensional FE computation.

Various applications of the platform are already an integral part of the development process and save time and costs as well as provide options that cannot be covered by testing. A virtual engine test bench, the co-simulation of a multi-body vehicle model with a control module, and the extension of the platform to 3D applications for safety system simulations are examples for the use of the platform. Daimler Truck AG The Digital Vehicle for fast and sustainable Development ESI LIVE 2022 D


Bringing 100% Electric, Zero-Emission Mobility Products to Life, CaetanoBus


Paulo Marques - CTO, Caetanobus


Early 2010 was when CaetanoBus started, giving the first steps in chassis development and e. Mobility solutions, when almost nobody talks about it. More than 10 years later, CaetanoBus achieve the target of having their own solutions as an OEM, creating platforms for BEV and FCEV that are running worldwide. This was only possible due to the proper vision and a big investment on the company, with the correct people, close customers, and strong suppliers, clearly defining a long-range Product Development Program betting on a strong product lifecycle, from the negotiation up to the decommissioning.

Nowadays time-to-market is really a success factor and choosing the correct tools and strategies as virtual predicting tools that accelerate and reduce product development costs and time, is what CaetanoBus is looking for with ESI, where Virtual Proving Ground, Energetic Validation and Thermal Validation tools are contributing for better products and less time to market.


Impact of Crash Simulation on Validation Plan Efficiency and Prototype Cost Reduction, Renault


William Bécamel - Expert Leader Numerical Modeling and Simulation, Renault


One of the main challenges for the Automotive Industry is to develop new vehicles as quick as possible, by maintaining quality and by decreasing validation cost. To reach this target, efficient and predictive numerical tools are key in order to succeed “the first time right” during validation. After briefly reviewing the global Renault strategy in terms of digitalization and more particularly on 3D simulations, William Bécamel will illustrate it with crash simulation examples and will show all benefits obtained on the New Megane Etech development.


The Role of Acoustics in Accelerating Sustainable Air Transportation, Joby Aviation


Greg Goetchius - Lead for Noise and Vibration Engineering, Joby Aviation


  • Brief overview of Joby Aviation and its mission
  • Importance of acoustics to the acceptance of UAM (Urban Air Mobility) aircraft
  • Relationship between acoustics and sustainable air transportation
  • Highlights of Joby's accomplishments in the area of acoustics

Guest Interview with PTC on Delivering on the Promise of the Digital Thread – Leverage the Connected Partner Ecosystem to Unlock Superior Customer Value


Live VR Demo - Virtual Process Validation demo showcasing IC.IDO

Dive into the immersive virtual environment of IC.IDO and discover how VR enables concurrent engineering and a way to experience, validate and communicate on design decisions throughout every step of product development.