ESI LIVE’s Aerospace track features industry leaders from top companies including Actuation France - Collins Aerospace, SAAB AB, Aerospace Systems, Rolls-Royce, Bell, PwC Consulting, and baAIRia

Witness how engineers use Virtual Prototyping to understand the performance of novel materials with little shared or pre-existing expertise, how they employ processes not previously used, and develop methods to assemble and service multi-million (or even billion) dollar assets – with less scrap, more throughput, and more profitability.

ESI LIVE and its Aerospace industry session will feature concrete best practices of how industry leaders are preparing for the necessary digital transformation and how they got started on their Virtual Prototyping journey. Join us and see how they reduce carbon footprint by emancipating themselves from physical tests and prototypes without scarifying safety and quality.

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Time 06:05 - Breakthrough in Engineering Method - Agile Design - Actuation France - Collins Aerospace

Time 33:05 - Codesign - bridging Design with Manufacturing - Rolls-Royce

Time 44:20 - Green Aviation - Lightweighting the Aerostructure - SAAB AB, Aerospace Systems

Time 1:02:57 - Roundtable with Bell, PwC Consulting, SAAB moderated by Pauline Medori, bavAIRia


This session has been hosted in partnership with bavAIRia

Speakers and Panelists

Lionel Yapi

Principal Modeling and Simulation Engineer, Actuation France - Collins Aerospace


Marcel Gottschall

Research Associate, ESI


Nick Calcutt

Materials and Process Modeling Engineer, Rolls-Royce


Kenneth Karlsson

Director Business Development R&T, SAAB AB, Aerospace Systems


Junichi Miyakawa

Advisor, PwC Consulting LLC


Jeremy Chavez

Manager - 3D Data Integration / Engineering, Bell Flight


Juan Gomez

Principal Engineer Virtual Prototyping, 3D Integration – FVL Digital Systems, Bell


Pauline Medori

Director of Aeronautics, bavAIRia e.V.