得益于 ESI的IC.IDO技术,沉浸式虚拟现实环境增强了我们对复杂制造设备的理解并暴露了潜在问题,使得这些问题可以在设计阶段进行纠正。

Brad Price




Initially, Nexteer’s Manufacturing Engineers conducted onscreen reviews of their 3D data in conventional Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), which left them with too many unknowns. Nor did performing equipment design reviews with physical mockups address all the potential interactions between operators or technicians with the assembly cells they were designing. And waiting until construction of their assembly equipment had begun to physically evaluate their designs involved a significant risk for modification delays and charges. That, combined with the need to travel between their Global Technical Center in Saginaw, Michigan, their widely distributed suppliers, and the planned production sites, unnecessarily increased tooling project timing and costs.

Once they began working in an immersive virtual reality environment, Nexteer’s Manufacturing Engineers quickly realized the benefits went further than originally anticipated. Not only could they perform a walkaround of their assembly environments at a 1:1 scale, but they were now able to import their supplier’s proposed CAD designs and create data groups that they enriched with physical behaviors. Then, the engineers could step inside the immersive virtual production environment, interact with the various components, and experience what they couldn’t see using their previous methods. From the first-person perspective, Nexteer Engineers and their suppliers could evaluate what can be reached, installed, and maintained well in advance. Immersive reviews enabled them to discover potentially costly engineering and design oversights, which went unnoticed during on-screen reviews.

Nexteer uses ESI IC.IDO to experience their CAD models as close to the reality of the actual machines, without waiting to produce physical prototypes or beginning construction of production equipment. Their Manufacturing Engineering team is interacting naturally with their proposed production equipment, identifying potential issues, and fully understanding all aspects of their design through simulation and animation. As a result, in their first projects since implementation, Nexteer is realizing returns on their investment through reductions in costs and delay risks caused by late discovery of production issues. Within their first year of leveraging virtual reality, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering recognized risk and cost avoidance, leading ultimately to improved quality and performance of their assembly equipment.

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