PUCA 2022 Agenda

Welcome & Introduction
10:00-10:40  P01
The digital transformation of the industry is going beyond Virtual Testing

ESI Group / Emmanuel Leroy

10:40-11:30  P02
Panel Discussion

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. / So Natori, Toyota Motor Corporation / Kosho Kawahara, HondaR&D Co., Ltd. / Eisei Higuchi


So Natori

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Kosho Kawahara


Eisei Higuchi

Honda R&D Co.,Ltd
Lunch Time
12:30-12:55  PP01
Updates on Virtual Performance Solution Roadmap for Crash Simulation - Solver, Visual Environment and ADMORE for Crash

ESI Group / Alain Tramecon

12:55-13:20  PP02
Approach to Inverse design method for Crash performance by Data mining using Crash simulation Data base

Nissan Motor / Masamoto Ono

13:20-13:45  PP03
The CAE utilization current status in automotive parts development

Fuji Kiko / Makoto Hasegawa

13:45-14:10  PP04
Forming Analysis of EV Battery Case with Particle Method (SPH)

Hiroshima TRI / Hisanori Matsunaga

Coffee Break
14:25-14:50  PP05
Development of metal rupture prediction technology for thin metal sheets that occur during a vehicle crash by SSR (Shell to Solid Re-meshing)

Nissan Motor / Maki Ueda

14:50-15:15  PP06
Analysis of thermal characteristics of seat heaters using a thermal manikin model for a seat

NHK Spring / Kazuhito Kato

15:15-15:40  PP07
Simulation of foaming process for foam in place headrest

Tachi-S / Tsuyoshi Tabata

15:40-16:05  PP08
Introduction of seat pad development using VPS at Archem Inc.

Archem  / Hajime Kitano

Coffee Break
16:20-16:45  PP09
Overview of Vibro-Acoustic Product Enhancements and Roadmap

ESI Group / Chad Musser

16:45-17:10  PP10
Identification of surface vibration distribution of tires as sound sources by Inverse BEM

 Mitsubishi Motors / Yusuke Akaike

17:10-17:35  PP11
Development of transfer function prediction method for AVAS

Nissan Motor / Naoki Shiokawa

17:35-18:00  PP12
Squeak and Rattle Validation for Automobile Interior Parts using VPS

Marelli / Kazumitsu Kawabata, Kazumi Sato

Gala Dinner
12:30-12:55  SM01
Virtual Assessment and Validation of Multi-Material Joining -An overview of ESI Joining 2022.0 new Solution for the industry

ESI Group / Yannick Vincent

12:55-13:20  SM02
Fatigue prediction of welded joints and its implementation in Materials Integration (MInt) system

The University of Tokyo / Takayuki Shiraiwa

13:20-13:45  SM03
Improvement of Accuracy for Heat Treatment Simulation with Fluid-Heat Treatment Coupling Analysis

Aisin Digital Engineering / Yuto Murokawa

13:45-14:10  SM04
Producing Tolerance-Fit Automotive Assemblies First-Time-Right -An overview of ESI Assembly Solution 2022.0 for the industry

ESI Group / Yogendra Gooroochurn

Coffee Break
14:25-14:50  SM05
Prediction of BIW accuracy in spot welding process by Visual Assembly

Honda Motor / Kazumasa Usui

14:50-15:15  SM06
Securing stamping parts quality - An overview of ESI New Stamping solution for automotive industry

ESI Group / Frédéric Guillon

15:15-15:40  SM07
Utilization of PAM-STAMP in hot forming and super plastic forming

Metal Technology / Hiroki Numazawa

15:40-16:05  SM08
Forming CAE For Curved Part Processed By Steel Tube Air Forming

SHI / Yuki Honda

Coffee Break
16:20-16:45  SM09

Suzuki Industry / Shuichi Suzuki
Gunma Industrial Technology / Naohiko Ogino

16:45-17:10  SM10
Improvement of Press Simulation Accuracy for Ultra High Tensile Steel

Sasahara Kanagata / Shoichi Ukoh

17:10-17:35  SM11
Stretch-flangeability and strain-localization analysis in in-plane stretch bending of high strength steel sheets

Hiroshima Univ. / Ryutaro Hino

Gala Dinner
14:25-14:50  SM12
Achieve Premium Quality Castings - An overview of ESI Casting 2022.0 for the industry

ESI Group / Loïc Calba

14:50-15:15  SM13
Prediction of Hot Tearing in Al-4.5Mg-1.0Mn Alloy Lower Link Die Castings Using ProCAST

Waseda Univ. / Makoto Yoshida, Yoshihiro Nagata

15:15-15:40  SM14
Analysis of the Causes of Die Casting Mold Failure and Commercialization of Low-Cost Molds Based on the Analysis Results

Uogishi Seiki Interactive / Hideki Morimoto

15:40-16:05  SM15
Heat transfer characteristic between ingot and mold during an ingot casting process

Sanyo Special Steel / Yuta Shimamura

Coffee Break
16:20-16:45  SM16
Towards performant development and production of high-quality composites components with ESI PAM-COMPOSITES solution

ESI Group / Mathilde Chabin

16:45-17:10  SM17
Improvement of accuracy of resin impregnation simulation in C-RTM for CFRP

Nissan Motor/ Rieko Yamaguchi

17:10-17:35  SM18
One step stamping compression of CFPP/PP foam into sandwich parts

Mitsui Chemicals / Takeharu Isaki

17:35-18:00  SM19
Analysis of wrinkle occurrence behavior in partial bend-forming of CFRTP laminate using Pam-Form

KIT, ICC / Katsuhiko Nunotani

Gala Dinner
12:30-12:55  HC01
How XR Collaborative Workspaces create new Opportunities for Assembly Line Validation

ESI Group / Michael Kerausch

12:55-13:20  HC02
Front-loading activities for development of construction equipment utilizing VR technology

Komatsu / Yoshihiko Inagaki

13:20-13:45  HC03
Use of VR for customer sales in B to B

EBARA / Kodai Tsushima

13:45-14:10  HC04
Volvo Trucks Case: Transformation in Technical Communication using DMU-xR

Nihon ESI / Tadao Nakamura

Coffee Break