ESI and Modelon Sign a Strategic Partnership for Model-Based Simulation

Paris, France
Modelon’s Modelica-based libraries to be integrated in ESI’s SimulationX

Paris, France – April 17, 2018 – ESI Group, leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services for manufacturing industries, announces the creation of a partnership between its subsidiary specialized in the field of model-based simulation, ESI ITI, and Modelon*. The companies will join forces to support industrial manufacturers in delivering innovations at a faster pace and reduced cost. Modelon’s comprehensive suite of Modelica™-based libraries, a reference in the field of systems engineering, will be progressively integrated into ESI’s SimulationX, the software platform for simulating multiphysics systems. As a first step, the upcoming version SimulationX 3.9.3 will feature Modelon's Fuel System Library, dedicated to the aerospace sector. The availability of this new library will contribute to the early prediction of systems behavior for various operating modes and flight conditions.

Modelon’s Fuel System Library will be integrated in SimulationX 3.9.3

Modelon’s Fuel System Library will be integrated in SimulationX 3.9.3

Swedish company Modelon offers a comprehensive suite of libraries for system modeling that delivers state-of-the-art system models for a wide range of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, energy and processing sectors. Modelon’s libraries are built on the Modelica** standard, a modeling language allowing engineers to reuse and exchange dynamic and mechatronic system models throughout different software applications.

“We’re thrilled to welcome ESI’s SimulationX to the growing list of platforms that utilize our proven and feature-rich suite of Modelica-based libraries,” said Magnus Gäfvert, CEO at Modelon. “We’re confident that this integration and partnership will enable SimulationX users to streamline their design and simulation processes. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to all industries, and our initial focus on aerospace applications will be key in addressing their customers' priorities.”

“The addition of Modelon’s libraries to the vast collection of existing SimulationX libraries offers our users the largest model base available for system simulation,” said Dr. Andreas Uhlig, Managing Director, Systems Engineering, ESI Group. “We are excited that the global community of Modelon customers can now take advantage of the well-established SimulationX platform. This partnership strongly promotes the Modelica standard and encourages smart solutions for systems design, validation, test and operation.”

The Fuel System Library to be implemented into SimulationX 3.9.3 enables engineers to design aircraft fuel systems with real-time capable models, including gravitational and geometrical effects as well as air-fuel mixtures. The library is intended for the analysis and verification of a system’s behavior during various dynamic operating modes and flight conditions. The Fuel System Library is a versatile tool for system and component development and allows the assessments of system performance and transient characteristics. The models have been designed to be efficient and numerically robust and can therefore handle complex large-scale systems. Component models include ejectors, pumps, tanks, valves and pipes.

Furthermore, the Fuel System Library permits the creation of geometric, real-time capable models with any degree of gravity and acceleration for accurate predictions about the entire flight envelope. Engineers benefit from an efficient representation of air-fuel mixture properties for robust and fast simulations of large systems. The library provides a configurable level of detail for faster simulations and an appropriate complexity, for example the option to switch thermal effects on or off.

*Modelon is a registered trademark of Modelon AB.
**Modelica is a registered trademark of the Modelica Association.
SimulationX is a registered trademark of ESI ITI GmbH.

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