Creating New Horizons for Foundries Thanks to Virtual Prototyping

Paris, France
ESI Showcases its Solutions at GIFA in Düsseldorf

ESI Group, leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services, will be at the 14th International Foundry Trade Fair – GIFA - from June 25 to 29, 2019 in Düsseldorf (Germany). Virtual Prototyping provides a credible alternative to costly and time-consuming trial and error methods and equips part manufacturers with the right solutions to adapt to a fast-evolving market. During the tradeshow, ESI will showcase its latest advances supporting the productivity of foundries in their transformation towards new markets. Its flagship casting simulation software ESI ProCAST, created 30 years ago and designed with the sole purpose of delivering premium quality castings and empowering foundries to cast and innovate with confidence, will be presented on its booth.

Disruptive trends are changing the game for foundries. For example, the rapid development of new e-mobility solutions puts an increasing pressure on foundries and other part manufacturers. Electric vehicle parts typically require new and unusual functionalities, such as integrated cooling systems for the battery housing, or may need to deliver performance into new areas, such as thermal efficiency. Facing global competition, foundries must strengthen and diversify their offering to grow within emerging market segments. They need to deliver high quality parts – meeting tolerances and requirements – and get them right the first time, decreasing scrap rates and increasing margins.

With over 40 years of experience in material physics, and decades of trusted partnership with foundries, ESI has developed software solutions dedicated to the virtual prototyping of all metalworks – from casting, stamping, welding, to additive manufacturing. Thanks to these solutions, part manufacturers are predicting defects very early in the manufacturing design process. This allows them to achieve their goals and get their parts right the first time. ESI’s know-how extends beyond metal manufacturing processes. This technological edge lends ESI the ability to support foundries in addressing any technical challenge, from implementing additive manufacturing production, to predicting the behavior of parts in operational use, to maximizing productivity of their industrial operations by leveraging IoT and data analytics, or to optimizing the sequences of their manual operations using virtual reality to reduce operational risk and increase output.

Meet ESI’s international team at GIFA! Hall 11 booth H39