Grain Structure Prediction



The control of grain structure, which develops during solidification processes in investment casting of nozzle guide vanes (NGVs), is a key issue for optimization of their mechanical properties. The main objective of this part of the work was to develop a simulation tool for predicting grain structure in the new generation NGVs made from MAR-M247 Ni-based superalloy. A cellular automata - finite element (CAFE) module is employed to predict the 3D grain structure in the as-cast NGV. The grain structure in the critical sections of the experimentally cast NGV is carefully analyzed, the experimental results are compared with the modeling outcomes, and the model is calibrated via tuning parameters which govern grain nucleation and growth. The grain structures predicted by the calibrated model show a very good accordance with the real ones observed in the critical sections of the as-cast NGV. It is demonstrated that the calibrated CAFE model is a reliable tool for the foundry industry to predict grain structure of the as-cast NGVs with very high accuracy.

A.J. Torroba, E. Carreño-Morelli - University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, Sion, Switzerland

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