Nafems World Congress 2023 | ESI Group

2023年5月15日 - 2023年5月18日
United States, Tampa, Florida
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The NAFEMS World Congress 2023 in Tampa, Florida, USA, will bring the global engineering simulation community back together again in person, from 15-18 May. The event is pushing the technology forward creating a cross-industry, cross-technology exchange of ideas, best practices, and information like never before, whilst getting down to the business of what all strive for; making simulation ever better and ever more accessible.

Presentation Schedule

Tuesday 16th May 2023 
Track C 

17:45 | Accounting for Damping in Fairing Separation Shock Wave Propagation Simulations 
Patrick De Luca (ESI Group Rungis) 

Track G 
15:00 | Thermoplastic Induction Welding Simulation using a Parametric Heat Source 
Patrick De Luca (ESI Group) 

Track K 
17:25 | FMI-Based Integration of System Simulation and FEM for Efficient Simulation of Realistic Crash Scenarios 
Torsten Blochwitz (ESI Germany) 


Wednesday 17th May 2023 
Track A 

4:55 PM| Data Driven Modelling of Crash Barriers Combining Multiscale Analysis and Physics-Based Feed Forward Neural N... 
Sebastian Müller (ESI Germany) 

Track K  
12:15 | FEM-Based Digital Twin for Online Estimation of Remaining Useful Lifetime of Mechanical Press Structures 
Torsten Blochwitz (ESI Germany) 

Thursday 18th May 2023 
Track K 

11:35 | Model Order Reduction using Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) Applied to Validation of Airbag and Restra... 
Alain Trameçon (ESI Group Lyon) 

Track K  
14:20 | Optimization of Car Body Structural Crash Design Using Reduced Order Models 
Fatima Daim (ESI Group)