2023 Nissan Manufacturing Innovation Summit

2023年10月11日 - 2023年10月12日
United States, Nissan TCAT Training Center , Smyrna, TN
Oct 11th & 12th | 8 AM - 3 PM
Booth 12
Caroline Bombart
caroline.bombart [at] esi-group.com (caroline[dot]bombart[at]esi-group[dot]com)

ESI Group is excited to announce that we will participate in the sixth annual Nissan Manufacturing Innovation Summit hosted by Nissan and the regional SME Chapter in TN. This event will enable us to share with Nissan and other automotive manufacturers some new and innovative ideas for improving quality and lowering costs via virtual reality simulations. Delivering “true-to-life” human interactions with products and resources, our IC.IDO Software Solution enables engineering teams to evaluate decisions early in product development without incurring dramatic costs or delays. In fact, Multi-Material Assembly Simulation Supports You Throughout the Entire Vehicle Development Cycle.

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Ronald Butler

Director, Automotive Sales - Americas at ESI Group

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Three common multi-material vehicle assemblies

Eliminate physical prototypes for three common multi-material vehicle assemblies

IC.IDO Human-Centric Process Validation

IC.IDO Human-Centric Process Validation Milestone Preview 1

What are the Key Applications of Virtual Reality Software in the Automotive Industry that Push your Engineering Workflows by Months Ahead of Production?

In the race to bring electric, autonomous, and connected vehicles to the marketplace, OEMs are facing a difficult puzzle: increasing the efficiency of the existing transportation paradigm and getting their next-generation concepts to market faster. Automakers understand they must leverage digital solutions to accelerate the delivery of innovative automobiles, keep costs down, and avoid the late discovery of inefficiencies. OEMs like FCA, Volvo GTT, Volkswagen Brazil, and Toyota – and their extended enterprises - rely on Virtual Reality software.

How does VR software allow the connected enterprise to immersively visualize their future products and components, analyze product integration, and synthesize human-centric processes to advance their product development timelines? Let’s take a look at some concrete examples from leading automotive companies.


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