Advanced Technologies in Aircraft Manufacturing and Assembly: Prevent Downtime and Expensive Rework

Worldwide, in GERMAN language
1 hr

During this event ESI will illustrate the added value that Latecoere and Saab AB Aerospace Systems get from embedding virtual prototyping as a core element of their design and manufacturing processes.

The webinar will be presented in GERMAN language and is hosted by the German Aerospace cluster bavAIRia. ESI will cover the attendance fee that applies to non-members of bavAIRia.

Witness in this presentation how Latecoere connect plants around the world by deploying Virtual Reality in its development process for new product assembly, allowing them to check access, feasibility as well as constraints – all prior to receiving any physical component.

Also learn how Saab AB Aerospace Systems use Virtual Prototyping to understand the performance of novel lightweight materials and implement new techniques for Composite Cargo Doors production in order to reduce weight.


Thierry Eftymiades

Senior Vice President Of Engineering, LATÉCOÈRE


Kenneth Karlsson

Director Business Development R&T, SAAB AB, Aerospace Systems


Achim Ehrhard

Account Manager Aerospace