Energy System Simulation Software

Using energy from alternative sources such as solar and wind power or green hydrogen to power vehicles and other machinery is no longer a research topic but is gaining recognition as a proven solution in the commercial and industrial space. Maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing energy cost requires a complex balancing and optimization of the interactions between energy sources, storage, and consumers. To achieve these goals, modeling and simulation tools are the go-to solution. SimulationX applies to engineering teams who are working on mainstream energy & electrification application models for delivering faster, more accurate, and safer results.

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Energy Management System Simulation

  • SimulationX users analyze solar & wind power plant transmissions, load scenarios, and reliability studies, 
  • Design green buildings and cities with optimized energy consumption & storage,  
  • Model & simulate HVAC technology in vehicles, machinery, and buildings accurately,
  • Optimize the processes for green hydrogen generation, storage & distribution, 
  • Investigate & optimize energy flows in vehicles & other systems. 


Modeling Electrification Strategies

  • SimulationX users predict electric vehicle (EV) range & performance in real operating scenarios,
  • Assess energy management and operating strategies for EVs, 
  • Model and evaluate fuel cell technologies for electric energy provision, 
  • NVH analysis for electric motor and drivetrains. 


Advanced Energy System Simulation Solutions 

  • SimulationX users evaluate offshore and subsea oil and gas production equipment. 
  • Perform reliability analyses and establish Fault Tree Analyses (FTA) of energy systems to identify the weakest link and bottlenecks in the system. 


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