ESI Pursues its Commitment to Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility by Partnering with Gelato Globe

9 October 2018
Paris, France

ESI Group (FR0004110310 – ESI), leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services, partners with Gelato Globe to amplify its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.

Present in more than 40 countries, ESI faces the challenge of limiting its environmental footprint around the world. In an effort to support this ambition, ESI is working with Gelato to change its historical practice of printing and storing printed material in Paris before shipping it as needed around the world.

The partnership with Gelato is a further step in ESI’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, while at the same time streamlining processes to deliver quality printed materials, worldwide. Gelato is a software platform that gives companies access to local high-quality printers around the world. This is achieved through a portal from which customers can centrally manage brand-compliant printable assets which can then be printed and delivered locally, without jeopardizing quality. This significantly reduces shipping distances and delays and can eliminate wastage and storage costs.

As a new signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, ESI undertakes to pursue these actions. In seeking to improve the environmental impact of its offices, ESI is reducing paper usage and the energy consumption related to printing, and also reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to long distance shipments.

Amy de Rouvray, Director Worldwide Marketing at ESI Group, said: “We found Gelato as we were searching for a partner who would be able to address our global printing requirements and our growing need for flexibility and adaptability to local markets. By adopting Gelato’s cloud platform, we were able to achieve this and at the same time reduce the shipping distances, delays, and waste that go along with printing in one single location. We no longer stock materials centrally, as Gelato enables our subsidiaries to order and receive the quantity of prints they need, in less time. This local production has, during the first phase of our rollout, reduced delivery distances by 70% (149,000 km or 93,000 miles) and associated CO2 emissions. It also eradicates the need to over-order print materials ‘just in case’ – greatly cutting waste!”

Beyond the environmental benefits, the partnership also brings agility to ESI’s printing processes and ensures a global brand consistency. The improved efficiency helps reinforce the excellence that ESI is committed to offering its customers.  

“It’s extremely encouraging to see a market leader such as ESI Group celebrate the enormous impact made on resource consumption by simply evolving the way they print. We know print is part of a global company’s brand management and customer journey. Our mission is to help companies do it in a smart, cost-effective, and sustainable way. Our common CSR vision was a decisive point for our partnership with ESI. With our solutions, ESI strengthens its environmental commitment with the reduction of its carbon footprint while gaining in flexibility and agility,” says Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO and founder of Gelato.