2023 CHINA NVH | ESI Group

28 June 2023 - 29 June 2023
China, CATARC, Tianjin
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Join us at the International Conference on Auto NVH Control Technology in Tianjin, China

ESI Group will present on this occasion "Noise Reduction Simulation of Electric Vehicle Component Encapsulation Using Coupled Finite Element (FEM) - Poroelastic Element (PEM) - Boundary Element (BEM)"

- Abstract - 

Noise radiation from electric vehicle (EV) components (such as electric motors and powertrain) often affects exterior (pass-by) noise levels as well as interior comfort for passengers. Encapsulating EV components in acoustic packages with structural damping and acoustic insulation effects around the source with broadband radiated noise is a highly efficient passive noise reduction technique for noise control and a recent noise control trend.

Due to the fact that acoustic encapsulating can be applied to multiple locations and components in EVs, under the premise of considering weight and cost, an efficient simulation tool is used to optimize the design of this encapsulation to support and reduce trial-and-error testing and development time.

This report proposes a coupled Finite Element (FEM) - Poroelastic Element (PEM) - Boundary Element (BEM) approach, which considers the significant effects of added mass and damping from the complexity of encapsulation material treatment on near-field radiation noise of electric components. The component model in this approach can be coupled to the FEM vehicle model, the FEM-BEM vehicle model, or the SEA vehicle model for predicting and evaluating the interior- and exterior noise of the vehicle.


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