Preparation for ARM-based Server in the New Computing Era

19 December 2022
Beijing, China

Advanced RISC machine (ARM) servers are enterprise-class computer servers that employs a large number of ARM processors instead of x86-class processors.

In recent years, customers have shown an increasing interest in ARM-based servers.  In response to the growing demand of the ARM-based servers in the high-performance computing (HPC) market, ESI is working with Huawei to port ESI’s flagship product, Virtual Performance Solution (VPS).

After software porting and performance optimization on Huawei’s TaiShan servers, VPS2018.05 was fully functional tested on the ARM platform, completed the collision/safety module, and passed the interoperability test certification.. In-house benchmarks of vehicle crash simulation show that ESI Virtual Performance Solution (VPS) software supports the ARM platform.